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November 2016

Preferred Medicines List

Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Urinary Tract Disorders

Myometrial Stimulants

  • dinoprostone – added

Malignant Disease and Immunosuppression

  • reviewed

Nutrition and Blood

Iron Deficiency Anaemia

  • oral iron – ascorbic acid to increase absorption – comment added

Electrolyte and Water Replacement

  • potassium salts (oral) – clarified generic makeup of effervescent tablets (Chorvescent™)
  • potassium removal – deleted
  • sodium salts – Plasma-Lyte™ – deleted
  • intravenous administration – all forms added


  • calcium supplements - calcium chloride - deleted, warning about different salts added and clarified generic makeup of effervescent tablets
  • iodine – added

Musculoskeletal and Joint Disease

  • reviewed


Treatment of Glaucoma

  • combination products exist – comment added
  • timolol gel eye drops – added

Miscellaneous Ophthalmic Preparations

  • polyvinyl alcohol – replaced with hypromellose + dextran (Poly-Tears™)

Ear, Nose and Oropharynx

  • reviewed


Topical Corticosteroids

  • hydrocortisone – comment about different salts added
  • clobetasone butyrate – replaced with triamcinolone acetonide
  • clobetasol propionate – comment about sounding similar but different to clobetasone added

Preparations for Psoriasis

  • oral retinoids for psoriasis and Topical preparations for psoriasis headings – added

For Acne

  • deleted

Parasiticidal preparations

  • malathion + permethrin + piperonyl butoxide (Para Plus™) – replaced with phenothrin (Parasidose™)

Pharmacology Guidelines

Individualising Drug Therapy

  • reviewed

Prescribing in Renal Impairment

  • Cockcroft and Gault calculator – added

Prescribing in Liver Impairment

  • marker of severe liver failure – albumin decreased from > 30 g/L to > 27 g/L

Prescribing in the Elderly

  • reviewed

Prescribing in Pregnancy

  • reviewed

Prescribing in Breastfeeding

  • reviewed


  • reviewed

Azathioprine/6-mercaptopurine Dosing

  • more dosing information – added

Polypharmacy Toxicities

  • reviewed

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