March 2020

Pink Book General Advice and Introduction


  • Addition of the Pharmacokinetic Table as a button to improve navigation to this Section.


  • Removed the Preferred Medicine List (PML) Committee and replaced with Adult Quick List (AQL) Committee.
    • The Committee has changed its name to better reflect its evolving work.

Antimicrobial Guidelines

Uncomplicated Acute Lower Urinary Tract Infections (Cystitis) in Women

  • Pivmecillinam dosing changed from PO 400 mg then 200 mg three times a day until finished (supply 20) to PO 400 mg three times daily until finished (supply 20 x 200 mg tablets).

Pharmacology Guidelines

Prescribing in Breastfeeding

  • Under Medicines considered “unsafe” during breastfeeding added medicines used during nuclear medicine exams.


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