February 2020

Pink Book General Advice and Introduction


  • Removed the Preferred Medicine List (PML) Section.
  • Addition of note to highlight where alternative advice about medicine choice and cost may be found.


  • Removed the Preferred Medicine List (PML) Section (for more details about removal of this section, see below).

Antimicrobial Guidelines

Welcome/landing page

  • Logo added for West Coast DHB. Both the West Coast and South Canterbury DHBs have now adopted CDHB Antimicrobial Guidelines as their own.

Pharmacology Guidelines

Routes of Administration

  • Reviewed


Goodbye to the PML, and thank you to its contributors.

The Preferred Medicines List (PML), a subsection of the Pink Book, has been a valuable source of concise medicine information at the CDHB since 1990. This clinically led resource has made a significant contribution to the safe, rational and cost-effective use of medicines at our DHB and beyond (many other New Zealand DHBs chose to adopt it in its entirety or use it as the basis for their own PML). Its contribution was particularly important in the years prior to launch of the New Zealand Formulary (2012), Hospital Medicine List (2013) and Hospital HealthPathways (2015) when ready access to current and accurate medicine information in New Zealand was more challenging.

With the maturation of these alternative sources of medicine information for New Zealand, the PML Committee has decided to cease the PML section of the Pink Book. The committee would like to express its appreciation to all who have contributed their expertise to this resource over many years. In particular, the committee wish to acknowledge the substantial contributions of Evan Begg, Jane Vella-Brincat, George Downward and Malcolm Pearce.

The PML section of the Pink Book will cease during February 2020. The Antimicrobial Guidelines and Pharmacology Guidelines (including the Pharmacokinetic Table) will continue to be available in the Pink Book. While the publication of the PML will cease, the other functions of the PML Committee will continue, as they will continue to support safe, rational and cost-effective use of medicines at CDHB, such as the review and maintenance of MedChart Quick Lists and other prescribing and administration issues.

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